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EZ Way to Make a Healthy Investment

Sooooooo many choices - everywhere you go. The term "CBD" is very popular and for good reason. With just 3 simple tips - it can really help certain with difficult conditions. However, like most things in this crazy world- just follow these 2 steps below before parting with your hard earned cash.

Quality + Testing = RESULTS

1) If your situation demands a periodic drug test, why take the chance? Always demand proof that any CBD/ Cannabidiol product you choose has ZERO THC. Not just under the legal limit. ZERO. No Test, No Dice.

2) If you are taking any medications that have a "grapefruit warning" or are vital to your well being- ask your physician first about which selection is right for you. After all, every supplement has the potential to  alter how medications are metabolized by our bodies. If you cannot take it orally - consider a roll on or balm. Roll Ons are VERY easy to apply and dry quickly.

This alternative is especially effective for "on the spot" inflammation and relief. Just remember to follow steps 1 when selecting a "topical" also.

To your good health always-

Ben there, Done that, Franklin